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What are your plans for 2021?

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

By Melissa Lushington, "Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake" Blog Series - Slice #13

Hello everyone, we had had an unprecedented year in 2020, with police brutality, the economic collapse, and the biggest crisis of all, COVID-19. However, despite the hardships that 2020 has brought us, a glimmer of light appears to finally be at our reach, with the creation and distribution of a vaccine for COVID-19. Now, this is not the end of the tunnel. We still have a long way to go before we get there, but we are at a better place now then we were when the pandemic started, and I do not know about you, but I feel a spark of optimism in the air that 2021 will be a better year for us than it was before.


One thing I feel optimistic about is the return of our in-person class sessions. Due to the pandemic, a lot of us, including myself, have had to transfer our education to online. Even people like me, who are in college right now, had decided to hold off on school for a semester or two until things begin to calm down with the pandemic. With a vaccine finally made and being distributed to people publicly, we are likely to start the transition of reopening schools and having our online courses resume back to in-person learning. The second thing I feel optimistic about is the return of in-person family gatherings. Since last March, so many of us had to sacrifice our holiday gatherings with our families, but we were reminded of the value and importance that those family gatherings give us and what they truly mean to us at our core. Now that we have a vaccine that is being given out and distributed to the public, those family gatherings will likely resume back to normal by this year’s Thanksgiving. Lastly, if there is anything I am genuinely optimistic about, it is the return of hope for our future. Because so many businesses and institutions had to shut down and our economy faced its greatest downfall since the great depression, our future, goals, and dreams had to be put on hold. This caused many of us to deal with our depression, as we live each day in fear of an uncertain future. Again, the COVID-19 vaccine gives us a glimpse of hope as we traverse through 2021.


In conclusion, 2020 gave us an unexpected, unwanted, and miserable wild ride because the COVID-19 virus came into our lives as an unwanted guest. Despite our spiraling downfalls, look how much stronger we have become on the other end. Aside from the creation and release of a vaccine, we have our fellow heroes from all walks of life, helping one another through these difficult times. This help is not just coming from our fellow essential workers, who work in hospitals, in homes, nursing homes, and all forms of public transportation. Rather, it is coming from everyday people like you and me doing our part to make the world a better place. I mentioned in my last blog article titled “A Year of Reflection Mirrors Growth, Gratitude, and Appreciation” that it is vital for me to get feedback from you because it helps me frame my perspective on the valuable information I share. That said, I look forward to hearing from you through your comments on the blog articles that I present in 2021, which is also the 10th anniversary of the the Verge of Independence Project website launch! As we move forward in this new year, I want you to know that my deepest hope is that we all stay healthy, safe, and connected. ~Melissa

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