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Back to School While Looking Cool with Vans Shoes

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

By Melissa Lushington, "Don't Cut Corners...Unless It's Cake" Blog Series - Slice #21

School is back in session, despite the rise of Delta COVID-19 variants, the refusal to take vaccines, and the refusal to mandate masks in classrooms. While parents should feel more excited about the beginning of a new school year, they are terrified now more than ever before. Let's not look at the negatives of the situation because we receive more than enough of that from the media itself. On a more positive note, I want to talk about a revolutionary decision made by the shoe company known the world over for its skateboarding footwear Vans Shoes. The company has high hopes that this move will leave the public cheering.


In an article titled Vans releases new Autism Awareness Collection designed with sensory-inclusive elements drops the news that a shoe line made for the autism community was about a year away from being available. Amanda Jackson, a Writer/Producer for CNN Social Discovery, penned the article and says, "Parents are rejoicing over the new line of shoes Vans has released that are designed specifically with an autism spectrum disorder in mind." The making of these shoes is designed for autistic individuals who have a sensitivity to touch, sight, and sound, making the products autism-friendly for people of all ages; as stated by Amanda, "The new footwear collection features sensory-inclusive elements such as a calming color palette and features that focus on the senses of touch, sight and sound, the company announced Wednesday." Since 1966, the Vans Shoes Company has made themselves champions for individuality and self-expression. The making of these autism-friendly shoes helps them celebrate more the uniqueness of every individual in all aspects. One woman named Connie LaBouff, a mother of her eight-year-old autistic son Logan, expressed her emotional joy when she saw the collection of shoes. Logan was diagnosed as autistic when he was three years old, and Connie explained his history with shoes when she states, "He has limited expressive language and has always struggled with shoes." She explained that finding shoes for Logan became harder over time, especially ones without laces due to Logan not tying his shoes. However, the Vans Shoes Company has designed their shoes to be slip-on for easy-on capabilities, and one design specifically for kids and toddlers has a strap hook-and-loop closure to secure it. Connie explains in greater detail what this will do for her son when she states, "The single strap hook and loop will allow him to put his shoes on and adjust them to the tightness he personally needs,". "The reinforced toe means that he will be able to wear a pair he is used to longer without the anxiety of changing shoes." Another woman name Joyce Skogen who is a mother of her autistic daughter, also endorses The Vans Shoes products when she states, "As the mother of a child on the spectrum it has been difficult finding clothes and shoes that meet my daughter's needs," "I appreciate it when manufacturers bring to light issues that are important to the general public."


In conclusion, The Vans Shoes Company did a wonderful thing creating specific shoes that autistic people can enjoy. I hope this information will encourage people on the spectrum to consider getting a pair of these shoes to wear on the go. I especially hope that this information will enable parents to get these shoes for their kids on the spectrum as they prepare to go back to school as safely as possible.


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