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What We Do

Verge of Independence Project

At the heart of what we do, the Verge of Independence Project: Multimedia Autism Advocacy (VIP), a grassroots progressive change initiative, uses engaging and informative multimedia to promote the independence, self-advocacy, and social confidence of autistic young adults. With diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion as its bedrock, VIP facilitates workshops both in-person and virtually and collaborates with other organizations, championing our cause to educate and train community members on the spectrum for creating solutions in addressing real-world issues. Moreover, the Verge of Independence Project multimedia website is a brave space designed to help young adults on the autism spectrum and those who support them amplify their unique voices.




We invite you to see for yourself what we do and connect with the Verge of Independence Project. Click the home page to follow our easy-to-use website. 

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