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Verge of Independence Project Declaration


     The Verge of Independence Project, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence is a nonprofit organization that promotes the self-sufficiency and independence of young adults, who are

living on the autism spectrum.  


     The core values of Verge of Independence Project is rooted in the concepts of appreciating diversity, inclusion for all people,

innovation and thinking differently, and recognizing one’s potential, leading to an independent and productive life. In recognizing

and valuing diversity and inclusion for all people, there is the belief that certain individuals will require specialized

supports to achieve their full potential in life. This belief works on the principle that there is value in all people, and all people

have some talent to offer society. While some individuals are capable of independently offering their talents to better society,

other individuals will require a customized support system in order to manifest their talents. Powered by an unrivaled network

of independence movement leaders, the Verge of Independence Project serves to help individuals with autism in developing

their innate talents.


     Our mission and vision of the Verge of Independence Project are to empower young adults living with autism into becoming

independent. Our role in that success is to share resources through social media tools that will assist individuals in exploring

pathways in education and the workforce that will lead towards an independent, productive, and happy lifestyle.


     We, therefore, Verge of Independence Project – a.k.a. VIP members, virtually assembled, and mutually pledge to always

recognize that all human beings are equally noble and that everyone has not only the right to dream, but they have the right to

act on achieving their dreams. We solemnly publish and declare, that we will uphold this pledge, respecting ourselves and

others, and never to retreat in fulfilling our life’s mission.

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