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"Independence...freedom from judgments, and celebrating diversity!" Cass, Richmond, VA



My name is Branford Smith, and this is my story...I'm on the

Verge of




vox populi |vox pop [ voks -pop-yuh-lahy ] - The word Vox Populi abbreviated as Vox Pop is a Latin phrase that means the voice of the people.


Sound off and share in this space your expressions of independence through spoken-word, song, or versus



































About Verge of Independence Song: 

The organization's theme and rallying song amplify the voice of the ASD community. It powers the project's multimedia components, events, and activities. Verge of Independence Project's co-founders commissioned Stormy Ramsey to write and produce the "Verge of Independence Song," sung by singer, songwriter, musician Leah Smith. 


Coming Soon! Live Your Dreams...Be Inspired

with Verge of Independence Project

Music Imprints 

What type of music revs you up or chills you out? Post a YouTube link on our Facebook page for the chance to have it featured right here on the VIP Vox Pop!

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